We use the following metrics to rate the teas featured on our site: amount of herbs contained that: Promote Fat Reduction, Suppress Appetite, Increase Satiety, Boost Metabolism, Promote Diuresis, and Gives Digestive Support. The two other metrics are if the tea comes with convenient tea bags, and the price per serving. We have a relative rating scale of 4-10. Each metric has a different direction with respect to the scale.

For Amount of Herbs metrics, the tea with the lowest number of herbs for a certain effect (i.e. boosting metabolism) gets a score of 4, and the tea with the highest number of herbs for that category gets a 10 (as boosting metabolism is a positive effect). We then calculate the increment of herbs to rate the teas that fit between the lowest number of herbs for effect and highest number of herbs for effect.

If a tea has convenient tea bags, it gets a 10/10, if not, it gets a 4/10.

For price per serving, lowest gets a 10/10, and highest gets a 4/10 – with in between price ratings incremented proportionally.

This is done for each metric listed above for each brand featured on the site. We then get the average of all the metrics, and this is how the final rating of the tea is determined.